The Firecracker “Run Don’t Walk” program was recently completed as a result of grants awarded to LACFRC by the California Endowment and Amateur Athletic Foundation. This after-school program sent exercise mentors to our targeted local elementary schools. The goal of this afterschool program was to promote and introduce healthy eating and lifestyle habits to reduce childhood obesity among elementary age students. The program focused on students setting personal goals around a training regiment of stretching and running with an end goal of competing in area runs, including our annual Firecracker event.

Our experience in coordinating that program led us to consider a less structured, a more simple approach to reach additional children in need of healthy physical activities. We surveyed other programs and organizations that shared our goals to promote healthy lifestyles and physical activity. In 2012, L.A. Chinatown Firecracker partners with 100 Mile Club®, founded by Kara Lubin to introduce our new pilot after school program to the children in the four schools in Chinatown and surrounding communities.